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Have you lost or forgotten your keys? Jammed locks? Broken locks? Do you have doors that need replacing? Faced with this kind of hassle, it's always useful to have the number or address of a locksmith on hand. Yes, but in an emergency or a state of panic, your hasty choice of locksmith can have unfortunate consequences: incomplete work, unnecessary replacements, expensive parts, high bills, etc. That's why offers to put you in touch with an independent network of quality locksmiths at fair and transparent prices nationwide. The best locksmiths near you: Proximity, rates, quality/price ratio, free estimates, catalogs, reviews, and more... Explain your problem, Get a fixed service price, and The best locksmith will be at your home within 30 minutes.

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1 Explain your problem to us
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Online or by phone, we review your problem and analyze the situation. Experts are available to provide you with the best possible analysis of your problem in order to find the most appropriate solution.
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We give you a fixed service price, no more unpleasant surprises! You will receive an accurate and detailed quote free of charge and without obligation online or by phone.
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We find the best locksmith for you. At your home in 30 Minutes or by appointment. A network of partners selected beforehand, and continuously monitored, for quality work at low prices.

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Our Prices

Our Services Price
Simple door openinge Manual openinge
Price 110€ - 135€
Opening Armored Door Keyless entry
Price 135€ - 150€
Repair & Change of locks Installation and supply
Price Start at 120€
Roller shutter Opening and intsallation
Price Start at 190€
Metal Curtains Opening and installation
Price Start at 250€
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A simple and intuitive tracking interface also gives you a clear and precise way to track your case. Indeed, we provide you with an interface that allows you to identify the exact time of arrival of your professional, follow the progress of your service and access your quotes and invoices. ! is an independent networking platform offering quality locksmiths at fair and transparent prices nationwide. Our goal: to guide you, step by step, in your choice of locksmith by providing a network of trusted professionals: quality, estimates, rates, locations, hours, etc. Thanks to, your locksmith won't hold any secrets for you. Many unscrupulous locksmiths do not hesitate to take advantage of their customers' trust: abusive invoices, poor service quality, missed deadlines, unjustified and costly additional work, defective or non-compliant equipment, lack of guarantees or after-sales service, lack of a license, unregistered locksmiths, etc. The victims of negligent or simply dishonest locksmiths are numerous in France. Victims who are often misinformed and sometimes unable to demand any compensation from their service providers after the work has been completed. Controlling our network of locksmiths, their rates, and their reputations (reviews, recommendations, etc.) allows us to maintain a top-quality network, avoiding unpleasant surprises when it comes to settling the bill and guaranteeing you an impeccable quality of service. If you are in Paris, and you are looking for a locksmith in Paris you can call us.

Don't panic, no matter how urgent it is

Swindling locksmiths take advantage of their customers' naivety to extract large sums of money from them. By forecasting worst-case scenarios, they also exploit the vulnerability of the elderly. In a state of panic and preoccupied with the idea of quickly solving our problem, we end up being bamboozled... However, we should be doing the opposite. When an emergency occurs, don't give in to panic. Calm down and think about what needs to be done. Can I fix my front door lock myself? Can someone close to me or a neighbour help me open my door? After careful consideration, you can make the decision to find a locksmith near you. And this, while respecting some basic rules.

Find out the rates of a locksmith near me

Currently, there are no regulations or official price lists governing the rates of emergency repair service providers. Before hiring a locksmith in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille, etc., it's a good idea to find out the current standard rates in your city You can easily do this via a simple search on Google. This precaution is part of the key to protecting yourself against predatory pricing by locksmiths. How much does an emergency locksmith cost in my area? What is the price for opening an armored door? What is the price for a cylinder change? Ask yourself the right questions before contacting a professional. Locksmiths in your area, there are certainly plenty of them. But which one will be able to offer you the best price? To find out, it's important to compare locksmith rates to choose the professional who offers the best value for money. However, beware of extremely low prices, which are intended to lure customers in before ripping them off.

Ensure the good reputation of your local locksmith

To choose your locksmith, you can also check their reputation online. Using Google, search by company name and read customer reviews. However, beware of false comments. They are posted either to promote the services of a rogue locksmith or to discredit a qualified competitor. Contact a locksmith recommended by your friends and family To use a reliable locksmith, you can rely on word of mouth by asking someone close to you for advice. There is bound to be someone in your circle who has already used the services of a competent locksmith and who can recommend them to you. If necessary, contact your neighbourhood committee, your building superintendent or your landlord.

Contact a reputable brick-and-mortar locksmith near you

To get the right locksmith near you, consider contacting a well-known locksmith company in your city. Choose a reputable provider whose references can be quickly verified, and who is the owner of a brick-and-mortar store. You know their physical address, and in the event of a complaint, their store is not going to disappear overnight...

On, we select locksmiths according to several criteria


On, you can find all the approved locksmiths in your arrondissement, or near you, with one click. A local locksmith is your best bet for quicker service and support. Ideal for emergencies.


A network of locksmiths in your arrondissement or neighborhood based on their references (accreditations, recommendations, diplomas, customers, etc.), their range of services and the quality of their equipment.


With get a fixed and transparent service price! For each type of service, a free and detailed quote is, if possible, provided to you. You are certain of understanding your bill and avoiding unnecessary overcharges.


Have you used the services of a locksmith, and would you like to give an opinion, a comment or a review? Ou-Serrurier allows you to evaluate your locksmiths, and refer to the opinions of other individuals who have used a locksmith.

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